A New Robot Wars: Ranking best to worst Series (1-7) 1-3.

I think Series 3 was the best

The Thousand Scar's Muse

An interesting return to blogging I know. I am a huge fan of the TV-cult game show Robot Wars, which just got rebooted this year after a 13 year hiatus. The first episode of the revived series just aired last Sunday, actually. Looks completely new, with new presenters and a smattering of new and old faces. It was overall quite enjoyable, though no Craig Charles is very noticeable, and editing saw a few problems. Even so, I think they’ll get ironed out overall, and hope it gets set for more series afterwards. But that’s not what this article is about, oh no. This is about the original series.

What will I be doing during this journey?

This blog will take you in a journey across the original series, which started way back in 1998, ending in the rather disappointing 2003/4 season (More on that later). I have seen every episode…

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I am originally from Stevenage, Hertfordshire. I have Asperger's Syndrome. My main passion is Motor Racing. In terms of other interests, I will try anything once but I mostly enjoy Performing Arts and Creative Writing.
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