Director Alistair Weaver: The characters that made the British Touring Car Championship have become more entertaining with age


Director Alistair Weaver lifts the lid on his new documentary, which explores the highs and lows of the British Touring Car Championship.

The British Touring Car Championship features in a new TV documentary starting tonight, charting its history from the first ever race on Boxing Day 1957. I had the privilege of spending six months interviewing its key protagonists and it’s been a real labour of love.

That first race in 1957 was won by Tommy Sopwith in a Jaguar Mark 1. Sopwith, whose father gave the world the Sopwith Camel and Hawker Hurricane aeroplanes, was the epitome of the gentleman racer. ‘I was spending Christmas with my parents near Winchester and I drove the car to Brands Hatch, put the numbers on it, won the race, and drove back for dinner,’ he recalls. ‘And you sure as hell couldn’t do that today.’

Sopwith’s rival for the inaugural championship (it…

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