Deneb does Dot and Santa Claus [Tales of the VHS Part 1]

Mutant Reviewers

“You can set the world on fire/with chewing gum and a yard of wire!/How d’you do it?/Fiddly-dee!/With ingenuity!”

The Scoop: 1981 G, directed by Yoram Gross and starring Drew Forsythe, Barbara Frawley, Ron Haddrick, Anne Haddy and Ashley Ayre.

Tagline: That I’m aware of, none.

Summary Capsule: Santa and a little girl who can talk to animals go on a round-the-world trip to try and find a lost baby kangaroo. It’s… really not as schmaltzy as it sounds.

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I am originally from Stevenage, Hertfordshire. I have Asperger's Syndrome. My main passion is Motor Racing. In terms of other interests, I will try anything once but I mostly enjoy Performing Arts and Creative Writing.
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