Prosthetic Memory and Anime

The Tiger Manifesto


Continued from a series of reviews and articles about Alison Landsberg’s Prosthetic Memory and Susan J. Napier’s Anime.

Napier’s chapter on two historical dramas, Barefoot Gen and Grave of the Fireflies, was tailor-made for reading in light of the concept of “prosthetic memory” as elucidated by Alison Landsberg in her book of the same name. Both films to differing extents support the victim narrative that was constructed for Japan after the war. By placing all war guilt on a few elites, the American occupiers hoped to allow Japan to blossom into a democracy without being haunted by the past atrocities committed by its soldiers and abetted and supported by much of its citizenry. The atomic bomb, as Napier suggests,
“[cancels] out responsibility for Pearl Harbor and simply [glosses] over the colonization of Korea and the previous ten years of aggression against China” (162). This idea, along with the…

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