“Barefoot Gen”

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Tomorrow, August 6, is the 68th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. When the bomb exploded at 8:15 on that hot August morning in 1945, Keiji Nakazawa was on his way to school in Hiroshima

Even though his father, older sister and younger brother all were killed by the atomic blast, six-year-old Kenji “survived miraculously.”

Although Nakazawa was born in Hiroshima in March 1939, seven months after I was born in Missouri, he died in December of last year.

In 1973 Nakazawa published a serialized manga (comic strip) called “Hadashi no Gen” (Barefoot Gen). It was largely autobiographical: Nagazawa was Gen, the spunky boy in the manga, which was published as a graphic novel in 1975.

Barefoot Gen

Even though they may be called comic books, there is certainly nothing funny about the story of “Barefoot Gen.”

The pictures are drawn with comic-strip exaggeration, but from beginning to…

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  1. Leroy Seat says:

    Mighty Mikey, thanks for re-blogging my article about “Barefoot Gen.”

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