Skyfall (Review)

Eyes Squared

Originally posted on 30/10/2012


After a few years longer than expected James Bond is back and Skyfall was certainly worth the wait. Before writing any more about a certain spy’s 23rdofficial outing, however, I would first like to clarify my position on his 22nd. For me, Quantum of Solace did not leave the bitter after taste that it did for so many others. Yes, at the cinema I was somewhat disappointed, but after a few repeat viewings I began to appreciate the film for what it was. Taken as an extended ending for Casino Royale rather than a stand alone effort thenQuantum of Solace was, in my eyes, actually rather good. I do not, therefore, view Skyfall as a necessary antidote or resuscitation for a struggling franchise but just a great film in its own right.

Many have touted Skyfall as the best Bond…

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I am originally from Stevenage, Hertfordshire. I have Asperger's Syndrome. My main passion is Motor Racing. In terms of other interests, I will try anything once but I mostly enjoy Performing Arts and Creative Writing.
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