Les Miserables (Review)

Eyes Squared

Originally posted on eyessquared.tumblr.com 21/02/2013


Far too frequently films are described as a “marmite movie” with the implication that it will polarise opinion to absolute extremes of either love or hate. Many people will make the mistake of labelling Les Miserables as a “marmite movie”, when in actual fact you can love, hate, like or feel completely indifferent to both the film as a whole and different elements within the film. It certainly will split opinion but to say that you have to love it or hate it would be wrong, I for one just plain liked it. Having said all of this, after the first five or ten minutes you’d be forgiven for thinking that Les Miserables is a “marmite movie”, but really it’s just an adjustment period. Much had been made before its release of the fact that all of the songs were sang live on set rather…

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I am originally from Stevenage, Hertfordshire. I have Asperger's Syndrome. My main passion is Motor Racing. In terms of other interests, I will try anything once but I mostly enjoy Performing Arts and Creative Writing.
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